Before commenting, please read this closely:

1.This should go without saying, but any kind of racist, sexist or homophobic comments or other hate speech will not be tolerated. Who gets to decide what hate speech is? Me, and me alone.

2. When you comment here for the first time, your comment will be stuck in moderation until I approve it. After that you can comment freely, as long as you play nice. If you mess up, you’re blocked until further notice.

3. I don’t appreciate comparisons with Hitler or Stalin or other historically flawed attacks on me or anyone else. I also don’t like generalizations referring to sex or ethnicity.

4. Please write in English. I chose to write this blog in English, so I can reach people from all over the world. I can read French, German and some Scandinavian  languages, but that shouldn’t be a general prerequisite to understanding the comments. However, I do encourage all non-native English speakers to participate in the conversation. I’m not a native speaker myself, so mistakes are perfectly acceptable.

5. Don’t write a whole story. Apparently this must be mentioned. I have received some great literary works in the comments. I appreciate them a lot, but not everyone feels like scrolling down the page for two minutes to read the rest of the thread. If you’re feeling creative, send me an email. I might even consider publishing it as a guest post. Or better even, start your own blog and send me the link!

6. Familiarize yourself with the concepts of trolling and derailing. Then don’t do it!

7. If you feel I have unjustly deleted your comment or blocked you, be nice, and I might explain to you why. But at the end of the day, this is my blog, and I can do whatever I want.

8. Finally: be respectful, be open-minded and treat the comment section  as though you were having a conversation at an actual dinner party.

6 responses to “Netiquette

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  2. Lipstick Terrorist

    I like the idea to communicate as though you were at a dinner party. Nice idea :)

  3. Dear Henrike. Unfortunately, if you want to change/influence someone’s mind it can’t be “a conversation at an dinner party”.

  4. Whats the next move ?

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