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Guest Blogging

German readers and avid Google Translate users can read me over at the Mädchenmannschaft today. I wrote about the recent French law to fully reimburse contraception for minors and abortions.

Thoughts on Contraception

When I was sixteen, I went to my gynecologist for a check-up, hoping that this time he would prescribe me the contraceptive pill. I had not yet been sexually active but was planning to eventually, and I had also heard that it would clear my skin and regulate my cycle, which at that time was bothering me immensely.

It was very easy. I mentioned the duration and severity of my period and the doctor didn’t hesitate to suggest the pill. We had a short conversation about the proper use and function, and off I went with my prescription, ready to get started after my next period. Now, ten years later, I haven’t stopped since, not once, not even to take a break. For ten years, I have been taking a pill every single day for three weeks every month. Most recently, my gynecologist even suggested I take it for three months straight in order to reduce the frequency of my bleeding to four times a year. A dream come true? Continue reading