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Guest Blogging

German readers and avid Google Translate users can read me over at the Mädchenmannschaft today. I wrote about the recent French law to fully reimburse contraception for minors and abortions.

See you at Missy Magazine!

I am very excited to announce that this month I have been headhunted to guest blog over at Missy Magazine, a young and sleek German publication on pop culture, society and politics. (Well, I wasn’t actually headhunted. I kinda asked them to please let me write for them (“I can do it in German, too. I promise!”))

Unfortunately, this means I won’t be posting here for a few weeks, but everyone capable of reading German may please check back over here. Or you can use Google Translate and have a great laugh.

I hope to be able to translate my posts eventually, and I’ll be back in full swing in July. Bear with me!