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War – Feminism’s Final Frontier?

Not too long ago I attended an event hosted by a women’s association advocating for women’s equality in the workplace. They had invited an army general as a speaker to elaborate on the military’s investment in ensuring women’s equal representation. The irony of this situation did not escape me.

image by israel defense forces via fotopedia

image by israel defense forces via fotopedia

The business of war – is it feminism’s final frontier? After all, we are fighting for equality in all other aspects of society – politics, media, academia, family, religion – so promoting women’s equal role in the army seems like a logical step. But for what purpose? Continue reading


Today’s show on Democracy Now! is full of horrifying news:

Sexual assault and rape in the U.S. military has been ignored by the Pentagon for years – now they’re facing a lawsuit.

CBS News correspondent Lara Logan was beaten and sexually assaulted during the Kairo demonstrations, and the media has resorted to victim-blaming and racism.

The Republicans’ “War on women” is widening in scope.